About Rock Pots

About RockPots

44 years as a roofer and builder came to an end in 2013 with an industrial accident. At this point it became apparent that another occupation was in the offing.

I had been experimenting with manufacturing garden ornaments and troughs prior to the accident, with the emphasis being on recreating the look and feel of traditional Derbyshire Peak District limestone.

Limestone became an obsession and a process of design and experimentation began.

This is how RockPots was born. RockPots recreate the look, the feel and the texture of natural limestone at a fraction of the price and a fraction of the weight of the real thing. What’s more, RockPots are made from recycled materials.

RockPots come in all sizes, from a large 6 foot cattle trough to the tiniest of window boxes, in smooth limestone or chiselled stone effect. RockPots are ideal for areas where weight is an issue such as balconies, decking or canal boats. RockPots are also frost proof and weather as natural limestone weathers.